Health Care

Congressman Gregory W. Meeks aggressively supports legislation to cover the nearly 44 million Americans that lack health insurance. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that our nation maintains a strong public health system – a safety net for the poor and uninsured. Recently, Meeks targeted his efforts to ensure the extension and expansion of the State Childrens’s Health Insurance Program.

Meeks supports legislation that improves the Medicare Prescription Drug Program, addressing deadline penalties and ensuring that the program is affordable and comprehensive. At the district level, he worked closely with Senior Citizens’ organizations, hosting town halls and bringing Medicare specialists to the community to advise seniors as to the best possible benefit from the program.

Meeks joined in efforts to replace the scheduled 10.1% cut to the medicare physician reimbursement rate to a 0.5% increase, encouraging doctors that serve the poorest populations to continue to do so. He also worked to extend incentive payment programs for physicians working in physician scarcity areas.

To help speed cures and treatments for disease, Meeks works hard to increase the Federal investment in a broad range of research fields, including biomedical reseach.

Meeks will co-chair the soon-to-be-announced Congressional Black Caucus HIV/AIDS Task Force, being organized to improve, support and increase funding for the Minority Aids Initiative. The task force will focus on addressing the crisis of emerging HIV/AIDS populations and what is expected to be a larger than expected increase in new cases in African Americans.