Homeland Security

Keeping our Nation Strong and Secure. Congressman Meeks is a strong supporter of homeland security and a strong national defense. He has traveled to Iraq to meet with our troops and military leaders. He has consistently voted for better equipment and protection for our brave men and women despite his opposition to the Iraq war.

Congressman Meeks has always been a strong supporter of first responders protecting our communities and has worked to ensure that law enforcement officials, firefighters, police, emergency response personnel have the equipment and training they need in the event of an emergency. He strongly supports the Clinton Administration's Community Oriented Policing (COPS) program, which has aided the NYC Police department with equipment, technology and personnel to combat crime that is plaguing communities throughout New York.

For our veterans, his commitment is unwavering. He has consistently supported increased funding for veterans healthcare, cost of living increases in Veterans Administration benefits and fought to ensure that the St. Alban's VA facility remains a reliable and convenient place for our New York veterans to attend for their medical needs.