• A lifelong Passion. Gregory has always been deeply committed to civil rights, equal opportunity and fairness. The Congressman is a strong supporter of affirmative-action and to insure that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 remains the law of the land.
  • Working Hard to Strengthen Our Educational System. Congressman Gregory W. Meeks believes that to maintain strong communities and America’s global influence, then American must invest in its future by strengthening our public schools. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has been the major federal policy influencing public education since 2001.

  • A Balanced Approach to Energy Independence.  Gregory Meeks strongly supports policies that move the United States toward energy independence by balancing increasing production with incentives for conservation and energy efficiency.  Congressman Meeks also believes that a balanced energy policy supports a diverse fuel supply and weighs the potential impact on the environment and consumers. 
  • Since his election to Congress in 1998, Representative Gregory W. Meeks has been a member of the Financial Services Committee (formerly the Banking Committee). He currently serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade.  During his tenure he has been a leader on several issues including: America's competitiveness in capital markets, calling for greater diversity in the financial services industry, and improving homeownership amongst African Americans. His efforts and accomplishments include:

  • Congressman Gregory W. Meeks aggressively supports legislation to cover the nearly 44 million Americans that lack health insurance. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that our nation maintains a strong public health system – a safety net for the poor and uninsured. Recently, Meeks targeted his efforts to ensure the extension and expansion of the State Childrens’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Keeping our Nation Strong and Secure. Congressman Meeks is a strong supporter of homeland security and a strong national defense. He has traveled to Iraq to meet with our troops and military leaders. He has consistently voted for better equipment and protection for our brave men and women despite his opposition to the Iraq war.

  • There is no issue more vital and pressing to the 6th Congressional District than housing.  Therefore, Congressman Meeks conducts a foreclosure clinic in which he helps constituents with their mortgage matters, including providing help to mitigate mortgages defaults and advice on home-loan modifications.  He continues to assist with programs promulgated by the Obama Administration, including the Government Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).  

  • Newsday has said of Congressman Meeks' strong support for trade policies, "constituents will reap the benefits of new markets for U.S . products… Open trade…will mean more airport business, translating into more job opportunities for his constituents."

    Congressman Meeks' stance on economic policies has been characterized by Crain's New York Business as, "political courage to do what is best for New York ."

  • Fighting to Protect and Add Jobs in New York.  Congressman Meeks is a champion for economic development for New York's 6th Congressional District. Congressman Meeks believes that the next part of the civil rights movement is about "economic empowerment."  To that cause, he has encouraged investment in economically distressed areas in the district. Meeks successfully secured more than $20 million in tax credits to encourage investment in downtown Jamaica.

  • Preserving and Strengthening Our Commitment to Seniors.  Congressman Meeks has never wavered in his commitment to protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations of Americans.  He strongly supported the Democratic budget plan for fiscal year 2005 because it would have allowed our nation to stre

  • Fighting for Fiscal Responsibility.  Congressman Meeks is a strong supporter of fiscal responsibility, advocating budget policies that strengthen Social Security and Medicare while also allowing us to balance the budget, pay down the national debt and invest in crucial priorities such as education, the environment and national defense. He has consistently voted for responsible tax relief that permits the nation to meet its other priorities and commitments.

  • Improving New York's Transportation Infrastructure. Congressman Meeks philosophy is simple when it comes to New York and our nation's aging infrastructure - it is time to invest and rebuild.  Congressman Meeks understands that our economy and quality of life will only be enhanced through improvements to our transportation infrastructure.